Basic Training from 4 to 10 months

Basic Training is easier for you and your dog when you stimulate their natural desire to please and teach them to play training games. 

After 4 months of age, most puppies have had their third round of shots and are safe to go out into the world of other dogs and new people. Being well socialized in lots of new environments is one of the most important things puppies need to learn.  It can  make the difference between having a dog that can go anywhere with you with ease, and a dog that is fearful and servous in new settings. 

Puppy and Doggie Day School is a great way to get the socialization your puppy needs.  We push the boundaries of socialization to include all shapes and sizes of dogs and help them learn to be comfortable when they meet new people.  And we teach you how to reinforce everything you puppy is learning at Camp.