Your Puppy's First 14 Days at Home

You can avoid any crying during your puppy's first few nights at home and form a powerful bond that will help you potty train successfully within days. 

Puppies can earliy trnsition fromtheir "doggie family" to their "people family" without any sense of separation or anxiety ... or crying!  They can learn to have a favorite den that they love.  This makes it easy for them to relax and a favorite chew toy when you have to leave for a short time to take care of every-day life. 

And when puppies have a den they love, it's easier to potty train them to go to a specified potty place with few or no accidents in the house. They can learn to sleep through the night in their comfortable den within days. Even 8 to 10 week old puppies can learn to come when called and to respect doorways and thresholds, which helps to keep them safe 

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